Across the urban landscape power relations camouflaged as “public art” are used instead to direct historical narrative. These monuments and memorials conceal state-sanctioned abuses of power.

Embodied myths at public sites have led me to the idea of "healing" or reclaiming such urban spaces. Though always photo-based, I use a variety of methods to address contested sites including digital manipulation, on-site intervention, sculptural work, and performance.

Each photographic effort carries the scars, seams and digital residue of efforts to remove, reinterpret, and restore both landscape and serve as a polyvocal antidote to a master narrative.

CV available here.

Kelly Kristin Jones is the recipient of a number of awards including the Luminarts Cultural Foundation Fellows Project Grant (2016), the Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award (2015), the MINT Gallery Leap Year Artist Award (2013), the James Weinstein Memorial Fellowship (2012), The Union League and Civic Arts Foundation Prize (2012) and the Municipal Art League Fellowship (2012). She is currently a HATCH resident with Chicago Artists Coalition in Chicago, IL.