Kelly Kristin Jones is known for her layered photographic memorials created for Southern sites and emphasize personal, political, and physical history. With an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a background in documentary photography, she anchors loose associations and inventive inquiries in archival and found imagery. After moving to the South in 2012 for a teaching fellowship at the University of Georgia, she began building tributes to a more expansive cultural history available at sites previously identified by only a privileged and particular story. Using social media, archives, community councils, local churches and good old fashioned standing-around-and-talking-to-folk, Jones enlarges the perspective of both medium and monument.

Jones splits her time between the North (Chicago) and the South (Atlanta). She is the recipient of a number of prestigious awards including Artadia Atlanta (2016), Luminarts Cultural Foundation Fellows Project Grant (2016), the Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award (2015), the MINT Gallery Leap Year Artist Award (2013), the James Weinstein Memorial Fellowship (2012), The Union League and Civic Arts Foundation Prize (2012) and the Municipal Art League Fellowship (2012).

CV available here.