A visual and text-driven exploration of our city space and natural environment, shapes of vacant lots located in the neighborhoods the MARTA line runs through illustrate how Atlanta attempts to refill and reinvent. The floor of the railcar is paved with a photo-realistic image of verdant grass and advertising panels throughout the train car are replaced with shots of cloud-filled skies and quotes from Atlanta residents

The Grass Ain’t Always Greener” 

ATL Is What You Make It.”

Each year, Atlanta Celebrates Photography commissions a temporary public art project that is a highlight of the ACP Festival. ACP's Public Art program is significant in its ability to bring photographic or lens-based projects to audiences that might not ordinarily visit a traditional arts venue. These projects encourage viewers to consider photography in fresh new ways. ACP's acclaimed public art program features temporary projects in a variety of locations throughout Atlanta. It is significant in its ability to reach beyond the audience of traditional arts venues and expand the way audiences consider lens-based media.