The first of a series of videos where I use traditional photography darkroom “dodging tools” on contested monuments around the US.


Installation of Pez Heads is included in the “The Art of Being Dangerous” curated by Erin Toale and currently on view at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, IL (through 31 October 2018).


My Healing Tool work is reviewed by Frances Jakubek of Bruce Silverstein Gallery and featured on “Don’t Take Pictures”.


New “Reconstruction” piece completed as part of my 2018 ACRE Residency in Northern Wisconsin. Learn more about ACRE here.


Current Exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, IL. Read more about the exhibition here.

JonesK7 2.jpg

Installation of “Healed” historical monument postcards in South Carolina. Historic postcards that feature contested monuments are scanned, “healed,” and then reprinted.


Counter Memorial collage work is currently installed at Sandler Hudson Gallery in Atlanta, GA.